Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Dark Paradise

My Old Blog will now be moved here!!


HAIR- [MAG] Elsie [Ombres 01] *NEW RELEASE*

SKIN- AL VULO! Easy- Merry Widow Silky Tone

AZZ & BREASTS- L.inc & Lolas DUH :D



SWEATSHIRT- .:villena:. Sweatshirt Del

PANTS- =P= Plastic Leotard Phat Azz  *Marketplace*

SOCKS- [77]Thigh High Socks w/ SLINK & PHAT AZZ Appliers *Marketplace*


Monroe Piercing- .niju. 


Hi Babes...... Im switching back to my old blog.... so for all my old posts..... go to 

HAIR[MAGARI] Stella [essentials pack]
SKIN-  FAKE:: Maria for SLFW
EYES- .ID. December Gift — Blue [OLD] 
BLAZER- AVISAGE- Ladies Blazer -  Black - Dogtooth trim
SHIRTAVISAGE - Dogtooth dress- Leather trim
SKIRTAVISAGE - Classic Black Pencil Skirt - Long
SHOES-  *DEETALEZ* GG Heart Heel Pumps
L.INC- Phat azz
Thanks guys
Love Kaylaa !


As you all know I was (katarascouture.tumblr.com)   , but I decided to come back to this blog <3

Thursday, February 9, 2012

new blogger layout? like?

LipGloss- TSG
Leggings- PINK lipgloss
shoes- I <3 Fashion
Gloves- I <3 Fashion
Tattoo- PINK lipgloss
Piercing- annaA bodystuff'

<3. Tell me what you think about the new layout.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

i like sheep , maneee !

Heeey!! I got this new skybox today and I really love it, so I decided to take my lotd pictures there <33.


Hair - MAGARI <33

Skin - AL VULO

Teeth - Beusy ( THE NEW Tard Mart. :D)

Tattoo - c r u s h    *<3 IT*

Dress - C'est La Vie

Boots - LEO-NT

Sheep - LEO-NT

Piercing - annaA bodystuff

Condom - Meow. Style


Sunday, January 22, 2012

oh my sexy.

Heey youu sexy devils <3. I got this sexy outfit today :). Okaaay , soo . This shirt is from Holli Pocket & will be available clearanced for only today!!!! SO HURRY UP!! also the stomach tattooo is from crush :D. WAIT I FORGOT ABOUT THE BEST FUCKING THING. The Skin <3 , it's from AL VULO. Its a new tone of the Polly skin, It's soo KYOOT! On to the credits cause im lazy.

Hair - >TRUTH<
Shirt - Holli Pocket
Jeans- Holli Pocket <3.
Feets - nuffin ' 
Tattoo (Stomach) - c r u s h
Tattoo (Back) - [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] 
Coffee Mug <3 - ::LEO-NT::


Monday, January 16, 2012

it's been soooooo long !! :3

haaaii !!! oh my ! i've missed blogging so much, *hugs blog*. soo yeaah. these pants are Zoey Gabardini's new release, :D. I love them!! Also, I didn't feel like editing this picture , BUT, I did get an editor !! :D soo yeaah! i'm like over joyed! on to the credits cause i'm sleeping & it's on 3 pm :3. Oh! Wait one more thing :D. This is the beautiful new release from Cstar, it was originally made for only the Vintage Fair, but the amazing Cstar owner released it!!! ^^ I love it :3. It is a limited skin , so i'd advise you go get it NOW.

Copied from the notecard I received:

Vogue as a bold eyed beauty that was unreleased!  Originally produced for the Vintage Fair in 2011, Vogue has a unique eye makeup and blush creating sharp thin lines of separation from colors really brings out the touch and feel from the late 80's to early 90's time era.

There are no restocks for this skin, all bags are placed out for sale.  Only 10 quantity per tone!

Please note, the options for this skin are older, so it would be cleavage and face detail options.  Also the new tones are not available for this skin either.


Hair - [BURLEY]

Skin - CStar - Vogue Skin [Fair] - Cleavage/ Face Detail

Glasses - vintage tea. * closed :/ *


Scarf - ~Pepper~

Shirt - Emery

Jeans - paper.doll

Boots - +LALA Moon+  (NOT SURE IF ITS STILL OPEN :/. )

♥/ Kaylaa Beverly

Friday, January 6, 2012

rumour has it

Heeey boys and girls, or maybe transvestites. I got my iPhone today & I LOVE IT. One more thing, if you send me things to blog *MAKE  SURE* to give me your info & not just the item. soo anyways I got this new mesh overall suit from COCO Designs. It's free :D. & The group join is free too. 

Hair - (fashionably dead)

Skin- The Sugar Garden

Overalls & Sweater - COCO Designs

Flats - DECO


Thursday, January 5, 2012

finally famous

Damn I had so much written down and my blog fucked up >__<.
Soo. I'm just posting the credits.


Hair - [elikitara]

Skin - AL VULO

Outfit - (includes garter, shirt, panties, gloves , & jacket) - AlterEgo

Shoes - [elikitara]

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

lotd - not a long post.

Hair - [kik]

Skin - al vulo!

BodySuit - (Milk Motion)

Gloves - cheeky

Purse - (Milk Motion)

lotd - wtf is up with all the drama?

Hey My Fellow Fashionistas and Nisters . I've been up to nothing lately, how about youu? I've gotten into so much drama lately it just urks me, soo ANYWAYS. This hair is NEW from >TRUTH<. I love it :D. Makes me look so prettyful and puffy. ALSO. This beautiful skin is from the Sugar Garden, by Eilfie Sugarplum :D. I so hope I spelled that right, but anyways. It is a beautiful skin called Chloe and comes in so many different shades o_o & you have the option of teeth or no teeth, cleavage or none, freckles & moles / etc. The owner, Eilfie, always goes up and beyond for her products :D. & I must say! They are all so cute! Soo. This is going to be a long post! These pumps are available for GFW tomorrow at [M.] by Mikayla Kohl @ The Jersey Shore! They're hot as hell , so i'd go buy them while there on sale.

Okay , so next i'll be showing the Chloe skin set.. CREDITS ARE AT THE END OF POST.
Soo , as you can see we have 6 shades, Succubus, Zissis, Siren, Alablaster, Cherub, & Lolita. Theese aree soo cuuhuutee ! I'm in love lol. SOO. Go buy these >>>

Hair- >TRUTH< Velvet w/roots - carob *200L until January 15th*

Skin- "Chloe" in Siren- NT/Bust/Black 

Scarf One - "tSg" Knitted Scarf - Pattern 1/Black

Scarf Two - P.i.X.X.i.S STAH Sheepie Scarf

Mittens - P.i.X.X.i.S STAH Wintergloves

Shirt - (Milk Motion) - my cross tank

Shorts - (Milk Motion) - my cross shorts

Shoes - [M.][Oxsanna Glitter Pumps][Black]

<3/ Kaylaa Beverly

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

lotd - shopping !

read the title.


You know what... I dont want to put them XD. Bye.

lotd - candy gurl

Umm.. I felt very, Kawaii / Kitty / Leopard thing... Sooo :3. I put together this outfit and took a picture in front of this monster thing. I think it turned out cute :D. SOO do you want to see the outfit or listen to my mindless rambling? 


[ Hair ] Magika Hair // Delora  MAGIKA
[ Skin ] al vulo! - Polly* natural cleavage cacoa  AL VULO
[ Eyes ] [sauce] spacey eyes - meteor  [sauce]
[ Teef ] [M] Vampire Teeth Addon  Medley
[ Tattoo<3 ] [Nana] Japan Kawaii <3   [Nana]
[ Scarf ] - .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Kawaii scarf   PSYCHOByts
[ Shirt ] paper.doll- GraphicTank: LikeFun  PAPER.DOLL
[ Skirt ] Blah (My Uber Short Skirt - Pink)   Blah.
[ Shoes ] {BAZINGA} Party Rock Slip on - Black  BAZINGA
[ Piercing ] .Pekka. Kawaii Piercing - Pink   .Pekka.
[ Necklace ] Death Note Necklace O__O idk

♥/Kaylaa Beverly

Mwah <:

Monday, January 2, 2012

lotd - we finally got snow :D

Okay sooo. Ohio got some snow today & I was so excited since we didn't have snow for Christmas. lol. I really don't feel like talking about anything else today so let's move on.

Yeah sooo. I just bought this hair in celebration of the snow XD. It's from vive nineee. Credits are at the end of post.


[ Hair ] -.: vive nine :. Strong Winds Pony in DirtyBlonde (deeproots) .: vive nine :.

[ Skin ] - cStar - Miss Capricorn 2012 [Fair] Cleavage Dk  Cstar

[ Eyes ] - [sauce] spacey eyes - meteor  [sauce]

[ Teef ] - [M] Buck Teef   Medley

[ Earring ] -*CCbyLC* - Garden Earring  LacieCakes

[ Scarf ] - ~Pepper~ Scarf Stripes  Pepper

[ Sweater ] - [Atomic] Comfy Pullover - Red  [ATOMIC]

[ Jeans ] - [ATOMIC] Skinny Jeans - Vintage  [ATOMIC]

[ Boots ] DECO - MESH Harness Boots  DECO

♥/Kaylaa Beverly

lotd again. nigh nigh timee :3

Both of these photos are unedited and raw shots.


[ Hair ] - CLAWTOOTH- Glowing Review Redux - Girl Next Door Clawtooth
[ Skin ] - CStar - Miss Capricorn 2012 [Bronze] Cstar
[ Eyes ] - [sauce] spacey eyes - meteor [ sauce ] 
<3/ K

Sunday, January 1, 2012

lotd - lazy daay, happy new yeaar !

Hey everyone! How was your new year's party oor whatever. I know I got drunk last night :>. Silly meee. SOO actually I have a few things to say about this outfit. This skin is actually only 10L at an amazing shop called Cstar <3. It's in a gacha machine , so you might not get the skin i'm wearing :D. Also , this tattoo will be available at *.JULYS.*. I love JULYS tattoos :D. SOO yeaah . The tat says "Dont play games with my heart" across your neck I guess. lol. Also these eyes are from [sauce] , for the janurary FTLO event!! :D. I love them <3.


[ Hair ] - CLAWTOOTH- Glowing Review Redux - Girl Next Door Clawtooth

[ Skin ] - CStar - Miss Capricorn 2012 [Bronze] Cstar

[ Eyes ] - [sauce] spacey eyes - meteor [ sauce ]

[ Tattoo ] - *.JULYS.* Dont play games *.JULYS.*

[ Bra & Panteehs ;B ]  - Blah.


Friday, December 30, 2011

lotd - new purse *__*

I've missed blogging so much 8D. I'm out of town and finally got an internet connection. :D Soo. This is a new purse from Hawthorne <3. Thank you Soeil for telling me about the storee ! It's an amazing purse. I also went to Four Corners and purchased this hair by Mae Liamano :). Her hairs are so cutee<3 SOO. Im about to go shopping in RL. On to the credits.

Credits -
[Hair] - (love) hair- Cordelia - browns

[Skin] - ATOMIC - Skin Lien - Buff

[Teef] - [M] Gap Teef

[Cardi<3] - -tb- Boyfriend Cardigan - Verona

[Jeans] - Illusory - The Skinny - Navy

[Boots] - DECO - MESH - Harness Boots


Monday, December 26, 2011

lotd # 13 - i love this skin

Hiii! So as you know , Grenade Free Wend, wait how do you spell Wednesday XD. sorry.. I had a brunette moment there... This dress is from paper.doll :D , It was for GFW, but that was last wednesday<3. Soo woop dee woop.. Let's move onnnnn ! ------>

What thish bunnieee is currently wearing -

[Hair] - [e] Horizon - brown 08

[Skin] - MARIKO <333

[Tattoo<3] - [M] I'll get the ending right *DOLLARBIE<3*

[Dress<3] - -PAPER.DOLL- Rudolph - whitee

[Mittens:3] - DCNY mesh Mittens <3 *FREEBIE*

<3/ Katara.